1. Sue Jenkyns

    30 years ago MS was not readily diagnosed. My husband had 2 years of testing and misdiagnosis. During the later years of his life it was an accepted disability no questions asked. His symptoms had many similarities to my Fibro diagnosis. I was diagnosed in 2010. Despite reassurances it IS progressive. I am still trying to come to terms with what has become a debilitating illness. I am hoping, like MSN it will soon become a universally recognised condition with all the problems associated with it taken into account.

  2. Shellie Smith

    Thank you so much for this. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I have fibro for 22years, I’m also a cancer survivor. I have a combination of fibro fog and chemo fog, I had been told I would lose some short term memory during treatment, and it might return, well it’s been 7 years and nope. Yesterday I had a friend tell me that people think I am drama queen looking for sympathy because of all the shares of things concerning fibro. I want to bring awareness to those who don’t understand fibro and the ignorant people that make stupid statements to us. My family doesn’t understand the amount of pain I’m in. I’m not a complainer, so as with most of us I suffer in silence. This was a great description, those are not the right words, I can’t seem to find them, so as stutter through with my thoughts, I’ll just say thank you again.

  3. Candace cavallaro

    This is one of the best articles I have read on fibro fog! It happens to me every day all day long.I laugh about it with everybody ,but a lot of the time I just want to cry.but I don’t want anybody to know that.not even my husband.he gets to upset when I cry and feels so bad for me.even writing this is a ,can’t think of the word,but it is hard!anyway thank you for this article.just knowing I am not crazy helps.thank you.hope to hear more from the fibro

  4. This article is really good I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 8 months ago my daughter is very understanding and so are my friends I still find it very difficult and upsetting when I’m talking and forget my words my closest friends are really patient at first I was getting annoyed because they were finishing my sentences off I asked them to give me time to remember the words I forget and then help me after a few minutes and they now do this, at first I thought I was going mad, I am one of the lucky ones I have a good gp but it seems every time i go to docs they now say it’s because of my fibromyalgia and give me more tablets I’m wondering if everyone is finding this

  5. Who as one who understands fibro knows that it changes with the wind a lot of the time? What’s happening with me is every symptom I explain may change but people are trying to test. Anyone with fibro knows most symptoms cannot be tested. It can look like your lying. That just adds to the stress of having a chronic illness in the first place and makes me really upset. Certain people tend to get in groups and think they know the answers when in fact they do not. This includes some doctors unfortunately.

  6. Jennifer Cotis

    Thank you Servanne for this wonderful article. I totally relate to the section of “A day in the life of…” and found myself having to scroll up and down the rest of your article to grasp whisps of the rest. Having lived with Fibromyalgia for 30 years and MS for 11 years and being on a multitude of pharmaceuticals I find these days I guess I just don’t care as much as I used to what others think and keep in mind that what other people think is basically none of my business and most likely they aren’t even thinking about me! I also (try to kindly) just speak what’s on my mind and make others around me laugh as life is too short to be too serious all the time. My advice to the newly diagnosed out there…. if you can find a natural or pharmaceutical medicine that gives you some relief take it! Don’t be so hard on yourself! Find the right someone to share your problems with and remember it’s ok to say NO!

  7. This is a great article, some bits describe me to a tea. I was diagnosed about 4mths ago, but have be suffering for about 2yrs. I have been to the docs time and time again, and they just look at me, so i stopped says about pains that are different from day to day and concentrate on the pain in my back which is constant. But the last 8mth its getting worse with the pain all over my body, i get up and feel like every part of my body has been battered. With the fog only the last few weeks reading articles about it, i thought i was going mad. I’ve been at the school run or even at hospital and they’re talking and i can hear every word but my brain is not making any sence of it. Even with family members and i just knod or even just don’t register by saying any thing this can be for a few hours or all day every day. I have been talking and just stop and start doing something else, and then later think about it or on way home from school run and thought i must have been rude. I have had days where ive walked my daughter to school and on the way back was so tried i struggled to keep my eyes open which really scared me where it takes me 20mins to drop my daughter off and 45 to walk back where I’m in a hase. I’m tried all the time and sruggle to do anything same with the pain so just things like hoovering or ironing will wipe me out but family don’t understand. Where the pain is so bad now i can’t work and we’re really stuggling and i just cry by myself as i don’t cry in front of anyone not even my husband. Where people look at you and you look fine but inside my whole body is shouting. Sorry for the long reply. Did not mean to be this long, did think of deleting most of it. Feel so alone. 😢😢

    • You’re definitely not alone! Have you looked at any fibro groups on FB? I’ve had fibro for about 20 years and I still find the groups very helpful. People have lots of great advice and you can ask questions of the other members. Almost daily there’s a post that asks, “Does this happen to you?” I highly recommend joining one. Gentle hugs to you.

  8. This has to be the best thing I have read that makes sense of the fine I fog. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia approx 8 yrs ago and my GP is a pain specialist and the most supportive person. I myself believed this diagnosis was given when docs couldn’t find any other problems. Because of my reaction to my diagnosis my GP would never mention it by name, with so much info bein made available especially in recent months I have finally accepted my diagnosis but still find it difficult to talk about. It has isolated me from friends and family and made it difficult for me in my relationships with others. This article is so enlightening that I will now be insisting that friends and family read it. My Fibro is now so bad that I am unable to work and I rarely leave my house. It has made such a difference reading this article as reading it almost sounds like it was written about me

    Thank You So much

  9. Katherine

    Excellent article. Best one I have read about this Brain Fog. It was written in an easy to understand language and I thank the writer for doing that. I am going to keep this and keep rereading it often.

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