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Servanne Edlund

Servanne Edlund

Narcolepsy. Ankylosing spondylitis. Fibromyalgia. The perfect trifecta to sleep through life! As a mom of two teenagers, I need to keep going - so I have found coping mechanisms to overcome the hurdles placed on my path.


  • I have Fibromayaliga which I’ve had for the last 10yrs…The is notice my skin is changing anthe last 7mths my face braking out in big spots and the pain in my body I have it day in and out…..I just want to know how and what can I take!….Am on a lot of medication…Can you help me I’ve never had spots before and been dark skin its really bad.
    Thank you.
    Nerissa Willis.

  • Iv had it and a whole lot more for 20 or more it’s a mutant desease it changes year on and it defo. Gets worse with age and the pain changes with age

  • I hate having my fibromyalgia because you are in so much pain and you do house work and yard work I have to stop to take a break because I’m in pain again.

  • This article feels so relevant to my life. Just about had trying to explain this all the time. “would you like some wine with that cheese?” is what I feel people think about me. Thanks

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