1. Linda Kilpatrick

    My GP is adamant that it does not exist, what a sick man.

  2. Juanita Jones

    Its really reassuring that someone believes me.

  3. Nerissa Willis

    I have Fibromayaliga which I’ve had for the last 10yrs…The is notice my skin is changing anthe last 7mths my face braking out in big spots and the pain in my body I have it day in and out…..I just want to know how and what can I take!….Am on a lot of medication…Can you help me I’ve never had spots before and been dark skin its really bad.
    Thank you.
    Nerissa Willis.

    • Karen MacEachan

      I also break out in spots, mostly on my chest. I’ve been prescribed oxytetracycline which I take one month on one month off(one less tablet to take). I also have hypiscrub, the anti-bac liquid soap they use in hospitals/doctors. All this doesn’t stop them but it has reduced them.

  4. Omg, how good to know someone else feels this way. I have so often told my doctor that I had endured this for so long I don’t even need a diagnosis from a rheumatologist, nor do I want any meds. I have enough for other problems. I did, though, make my husband read this article because I feel he doesn’t always believe me and tries to ignore the situation.

  5. Hi! I think I have this because I have not been well since the vaccine. Seaweed/red algae has made some difference and my other antioxidants give me a boost also, but my joints still lock up and either my head hurts or my back hurts almost all the time. So many sleep issues ranging from temp at night to outright insomnia, however, ear pressure point therapy helps some. Hey, for skin rashes and break outs I take evening primrose oil, it really does work wonders for the skin and don’t forget your vitamin E! No diagnosis but in for an appointment with a rheumatologist soon. Doctor and my PA were baffled and confused by my symptoms and I’ve tries everything and taken almost every test available to no avail….Thanks for this article I appreciate being able to connect something to my symptoms. All the best to you and yours…

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